The Flintstones Frequently
Asked Questions List

Originally compiled by Marc Barnhill -- with supplementary material provided by John Paul Murphy, Joe Cabrera, Cassie Chamberlain-Veselovsky, Cliff Nesteroff, and Bruce Reznick.

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  1. What is the origin and early history of The Flintstones?
  2. Wasn't The Flintstones based on The Honeymooners?
  3. When and where did The Flintstones originally run?
  4. What was the very first episode of The Flintstones?
  5. Didn't the series originally have a different name?
  6. But wasn't there a Flagstones "pilot"?
  7. Were the opening and closing sequences always the same?
  8. What are the lyrics to "(Meet) The Flintstones"?
  9. What's up with that cat, anyway? It appears in the framing sequences but never in the show!
  10. Didn't the Flintstones originally have a son?
  11. Didn't Dino talk once?
  12. Weren't there scenes with the characters smoking cigarettes?
  13. I remember seeing the show with a laugh track, but my local/cable station has none. How did the series originally air?
  14. Don't the [houses/furniture/streets/cars/people] seem to change in appearance from episode to episode?
  15. Who were the creative talents behind the show?
  16. Forget camera operators and layout technicians, who did the voices?
  17. Where did "Yabba-dabba-doo" come from?
  18. What is the password for Fred and Barney's Lodge?
  19. What were Wilma and Betty's maiden names?
  20. What is the name of the Rubble's green pet?
  21. How about the name of Bedrock's newspaper? Or Fred's nickname?
  22. What celebrities visited Bedrock?
  23. Where did Bamm-Bamm come from?
  24. Where did the Great Gazoo come from?
  25. Where does Barney work?
  26. What's with the Frankenstones and when did they first appear?
  27. So just how many different incarnations of The Flintstones have there been?
  28. How about Flintstones comic books?
  29. Isn't there a Flintstones Bedrock City park somewhere in the United States?
  30. Are any Flintstones episodes available to purchase?
  31. What is the best general reference work on the show?
  32. What other Flintstones-related resources are there? (Copyright info)
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