In the episode "Rolls Rock Caper" aka Boulder's Rules, there is the scene where Fred walks into the steam room after being beat up by the boxer. In the room, Barney and Aaron Boulder are under white towels getting some kind of a steam bath. Fred lays down and gets a massage, but when the masseur gets a phone call he asks Barney to come over to him for a second. Barney says "Oh, sure!" and he jumps up on his feet and you can see that he is wearing a brown bathing suit. But when he is standing next to Fred (a second later)he all of the sudden has his regular clothes on, its like they just appeared out of nowhere.

    Also in episode "Rolls Rock Caper" (P-138), for a few seconds Barney's hair is black! Check out when Fred is being tossed onto the sidewalk from the building. Barney is sitting in the car with Aaron Boulder and for one scene his hair is black. The next time Fred gets tossed from the window his hair turns back to yellow. Obviously this episode had several quality control issues.

    Usually Fred would pick up Barney from HIS work place and then they would head home together. In the episode "The Return of Stoney Curtis," there is scene where Fred gets ready to leave work and when gets to his car, Barney is already sitting in it waiting for him. Seeing that Barney does not work at the same place that Fred does, he either must have walked to it from his work or sat in it all day!

    One mistake that is very hard to find is in one of the earliest episodes. In the episode "The Prowler," Barney's voice is a kind of high pitched sound through almost the whole episode. But, there is a scene where Fred is dressed up as the prowler because he wants to scare Betty. Barney's voice in still the same when he talks to Fred at the window. But then he trys to pull Fred inside through the window and Fred accidentally flies through the room, out the window on the other side of the bedroom, and gets his head stuck in the flower pot outside in the yard. Fred tries to scream for help and Barney rushes to the window. Barney tells Fred that he'll be right out, but while he says that and while he gets Fred out of the pot, his voice is the more familiar lower toned sound like he had in later episodes. THEN, Both Fred and Barney go back into the bedroom and Barney tries to wake Betty up, and his voice is back to the higher pitched sound again. Either Barney hit puberty really late, or Mel Blanc was having a hard time with the voice.

    The annoying Hatrock's were in only two episodes in the the original series of the Flintstones. In the first one, "Bedrock Hillbillies," you can see what all the characters look like. There was a Granny, a baby boy, a pet dinosoaur (like Dino), a mother, a big brother, and a father. Later on in the series, the Hatrocks also appeared in another episode, "The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes." All of the Hatrock characters look the same except for the mother. In the first episode she was a big built women, but in the second episode she appears to have lost a lot of weight -- or it is a whole new character. Not even her facial features match! (Maybe Pa Hatrock got remarried!)

    In the episode "Daddy's Little Beauty," Pebbles crawls onto the stage to do her talent act. While she goes on stage you can see she is wearing her baby clothes, but when she does her talent act with Dino, (a second later) you can see that she is wearing her little green bathing suit.

    One very noticable mistake is in the episode "Fred's Flying Lesson" after Wilma gets the phone call saying that Fred is fooling around at the airport with a blonde pilot. Wilma, (not thinking) attempts to call a friend on the phone, but when she dials the number, her other hand is clearly on the receiver, but the phone is still hung up. I have never heard of somebody trying to call anyone while the phone is still on the hook.

    In "Rooms For Rent" (P-27), Betty and Wilma convince Fred and Barney to allow them to rent out their spare bedrooms. They want to rent the rooms to 2 two students, young musicians, in exchange for some help with their talent show act. The two students rent the rooms for 2 weeks. At the end of the two weeks, Fred and Barney come home and proceed to tell the students to leave. As the students are leaving you hear Betty's voice say to them "Come back and visit any time." However, Betty's voice is coming out of Wilma's mouth.

    In the episode "The Drive-In," towards the end the Flintstones and the Rubbles are sitting in a fancy restaurant, and Betty seems to be wearing a white dress and Wilma is wearing a blue one. A couple seconds later, WILMA is wearing the white dress and BETTY is wearing the blue one. Or was that in "The Little White Lie"?

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