Flintstones Episode Guide - Season 2

  • The Hit Song Writers (P-31)
    Written by Jack Raymond
    Rec 2-7-61, Air 9-15-61
    Taking their cue from _There's Loot in Lyrics_, Fred and Barney try to pen a hit song. They get a helping hand from Hoagy Carmichael.

  • Droop Along Flintstone (P-29)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 1-30-61, Air 9-22-61
    The Flintstones and the Rubbles agree to take care of Cousin Tumbleweed's ranch, and unwittingly stumble into the filming of a Western.

  • The Missing Bus (P-37)
    Written by Larry Markes
    Rec 4-24-61, Air 9-29-61
    Fred becomes a school bus driver on the Bedrock-to-Red-Rock route.

  • Alvin Brickrock Presents (P-40)
    Written by Larry Markes
    Rec. 5-21-61, Air 10-6-61
    Fred suspects that his neighbor has killed his wife.

  • Fred Flintstone Woos Again (P-30)
    Written by Jack Raymond
    Rec 2-7-61, Air 10-13-61
    The Flintstones return to Rock Mountain Inn to renew their vows, but discover that their original marriage ceremony wasn't legal.

  • The Rock Quarry Story (P-32)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 2-24-61, Air 10-20-61
    Movie star Rock Quarry attempts to lead a normal life as Gus Schultz, but Wilma and Betty recognize him.

  • The Soft Touchables (P-34)
    Written by Sydney Zelinka and Arthur Phillips
    Rec 4-9-61, Air 10-27-61
    Fred and Barney's private eye business backfires when they become stooges of Boss Rockhead.

  • Flintstone of Prinstone (P-35)
    Written by Larry Markes
    Rec 4-10-61, Air 11-3-61
    Fred attends Prinstone U and must balance studying and football practice along with his job at the quarry.

  • The Little White Lie (P-33)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 3-23-61, Air 11-10-61
    When Fred wins money in a poker game and claims he just found it, Wilma makes him run an ad in the paper to find the owner.

  • Social Climbers (P-38)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-10-61, Air 11-17-61
    The Flintstones and the Rubbles attend an ambassador's ball.

  • The Beauty Contest (P-36)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-27-61, Air 12-1-61
    Fred and Barney are named judges of the Water Buffalo Lodge's beauty contest--a fact they must keep from their wives.

  • The Masquerade Ball (P-42)
    Written by Jack Raymond
    Rec 6-12-61, Air 12-8-61
    Fred tries to win favor with his boss at a costume party, but doesn't know that the costumes have been switched.

  • The Picnic (P-41)
    Written by Jack Raymond
    Rec 5-20-61, Air 12-15-61
    Fred dumps Barney as Lodge field day partner in favor of trophy-rich Joe Rockhead.

  • The House Guest (P-39)
    Written by Sydney Zelinka
    Rec 5-15-61, Air 12-22-61
    Barney and Betty stay with the Flintstones for a week while the Rubbles' plumbing is being fixed, and Barney's behavior begins to drive Fred crazy.

  • The X-ray Story (P-43)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 6-15-61, Air 12-29-61
    Wilma and the Rubbles try to keep Fred awake for 72 hours after Dino's X-ray (showing a case of dinopeptitis) is mistaken for Fred's.

  • The Gambler (P-45)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 6-20-61, Air 1-5-62
    "Betting Freddy's" gambling obsession returns, and the Flintstone home is soon devoid of furniture. Arnold's boys club, however, looks great.

  • A Star Is Almost Born (P-47)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 7-10-61, Air 1-12-62
    Wilma is discovered by a TV producer and Fred becomes her manager.

  • The Entertainer (P-44)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 6-19-61, Air 1-19-62
    Fred woos a female client, Greta Gravel, for Mr. Slate while Wilma is out of town, but Wilma returns early and ends up at the same club as Fred and Greta--who turns out to be Wilma's old friend.

  • Wilma's Vanishing Money (P-46)
    Written by Harvey Bullock
    Rec 7-5-61, Air 1-26-62
    Fred spends Wilma's secret stash on a bowling ball. When he learns that this is what she was planning to use the money for in the first place, he hires a burglar to put the money back again.

  • Feudin' and Fussin' (P-50)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 7-31-61, Air 2-2-62
    Fred insults Barney and then refuses to apologize.

  • Impractical Joker (P-49)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 7-24-61, Air 2-9-62
    Barney gets revenge on prankster Fred by pretending to run a basement counterfeiting operation.

  • Operation Barney (P-48)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 8-16-61, Air 2-16-62
    Feigning illness so he and Fred can go to a ball game, Barney finds himself in the hospital and scheduled for an operation.

  • The Happy Household (P-51)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 8-21-61, Air 2-23-62
    Wilma lands a job as star of "The Happy Housewife Show," which leaves Fred feeling like "The Neglected Husband."

  • Fred Strikes Out (P-53)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 9-7-61, Air 3-2-62
    After failing a considerate-spouse quiz and missing their anniversary, Fred tries to placate Wilma over a romantic drive-in date and bowl in the championship tournament at the same time.

  • This Is Your Lifesaver (P-52)
    Written by Larry Markers
    Rec 9-1-61, Air 3-9-62
    Fred rescues the apparently suicidal J. Montague Gypsum, and pays the price as Monty takes over his home.

  • Trouble-In-Law (P-56)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 11-6-61, Air 3-16-62
    Fred introduces his mother-in-law to rich rancher Melville J. Muchrocks, then tries to thwart the budding romance when it appears Muchrocks may be a con man.

  • The Mailman Cometh (P-55)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 9-25-61, Air 3-23-62
    Angry at being passed over for a raise, Fred sends an insulting letter to Mr. Slate--then finds out he has gotten his raise after all, and tries to retrieve the letter before his boss sees it.

  • The Rock Vegas Caper (P-54)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-21-61, Air 3-30-62
    Fred accepts an invitation for himself, Wilma and the Rubbles to vacation at Sherman Cobblehead's Golden Cactus Hotel in Rock Vegas. But when he loses all their money gambling he refuses to accept Sherman's charity, insisting that they work for their keep.

  • Divided We Sail (P-57)
    Written by Larry Markes
    Rec 12-13-61, Air 4-6-62
    The Flintstones and Rubbles share a game show prize, a houseboat that Fred and Barney christen the _Nau-Sea_.

  • Kleptomania Caper (P-58)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 1-3-62, Air 4-13-62
    A misunderstanding regarding Fred's old clothes leads to the conclusion that Barney is a kleptomaniac.

  • Latin Lover (P-59)
    Written by Harvey Bullock
    Rec 1-5-62, Air 4-20-62
    Wilma encourages Fred to adopt Roberto Rockelini's romantic manner (and moustache), but his apparent effect on women proves too much for Wilma to bear.

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game (P-60)
    Written by Larry Markes
    Rec 1-15-62, Air 4-27-62
    Fred becomes umpire for the little-league baseball game between coach Barney's Bedrock Giants and the Grittsburg Pyrites, but his calls produce unsportsmanlike behavior in the Giants' fathers.

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