Flintstones Episode Guide - Season 3

  • Dino Goes Hollyrock (P-62)
    Written by Harvey Bullock
    Rec 1-30-62, Air 9-14-62
    Dino has a shot at TV stardom opposite the actress of his dreams in "The Adventures of Sassie."

  • Fred's New Boss (P-61)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 2-1-62, Air 9-21-62
    Fred tries to get newly-unemployed Barney a job at the quarry, and Barney is made Executive Vice President in Charge of Production when it turns out he is Mr. Slate's nephew.

  • Invisible Barney (P-64)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 3-24-62, Air 9-28-62
    Fred's attempt to cure Barney's hiccups has an unexpected side effect.

  • Bowling Ballet (P-65)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-3-62, Air 10-5-62
    Fred enrolls in the Bedrock Dance Studio in order to regain his lost timing before the big bowling match against the Rockland Rockets.

  • The Twitch (P-63)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 2-14-62, Air 10-12-62
    Fred tries to get Rock Roll to perform at Wilma's ladies club benefit.

  • Here's Snow In Your Eyes (P-68)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 5-2-62, Air 10-19-62
    Wilma and Betty follow their husbands to the Lodge convention at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, where jewel thieves have mistaken Barney for their contact.

  • The Buffalo Convention (P-67)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-12-62, Air 10-26-62
    Every member of the Water Buffalo Lodge suddenly comes down with "dipsy-doodle-itis," which can only be cured by three days away from their wives at Frantic City--but Wilma's Doozey dodo bird knows the truth and could spoil everything.

  • The Little Stranger (P-69)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 5-9-62, Air 11-2-62
    Wilma is deliberately vague when she tells Fred that Arnold will be staying with them for two weeks, and Fred thinks that Wilma is pregnant.

  • Baby Barney (P-66)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-23-62, Air 11-9-62
    Having told his wealthy Uncle Tex that he and Wilma have a son named "Little Tex," Fred enlists Barney's help in ensuring his inheritance.

  • Hawaiian Escapade (P-71)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 6-21-62, Air 11-16-62
    Wilma and Betty win a trip to Rockiki Beach to meet Larry Lava.

  • Ladies Day (P-70)
    Written by Harvey Bullock
    Rec 5-25-62, Air 11-23-62
    Fred dons a dress to get into a ball game for free, and he and Barney must deal with an angry Betty and Wilma, Mr. Slate, and an amorous client who has eyes for "Fredericka" and, later, for Wilma.

  • Nuthin' But the Tooth (P-72)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 6-29-62, Air 11-30-62
    Barney's toothache creates a headache for Fred, who tries to pull the tooth himself so they can use the money to go to the fights.

  • High School Fred (P-73)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 7-5-62, Air 12-7-62
    On the advice of an efficiency expert, Mr. Slate sends Fred back to finish high school, where he is instantly popular with the kids.

  • Dial S For Suspicion (P-74)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 7-9-62, Air 12-14-62
    Fred must take two physicals: one to take out a life insurance policy, and one for a new job as assistant to Conrad Hailstone at Stone Valley Inn. He soon begins to suspect that Wilma is planning to kill him to collect the insurance.

  • Flash Gun Freddie (P-75)
    Written by Jack Raymond
    Rec 7-16-62, Air 12-21-62
    Fred and Barney pursue a career in "photo-graphy" when they purchase a Polarock camera.

  • The Kissing Burglar (P-76)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 7-27-62 and 8-10-62, Air 1-4-63
    A thief with a romantic touch has Wilma starry-eyed and Fred seeing red.

  • Wilma, the Maid (P-78)
    Written by Harvey Bullock and R. Saffian
    Rec 8-13-62, Air 1-11-63
    The Flintstones hire a maid, Lollobrickida, who quits before an important dinner.

  • The Hero (P-79)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 8-15-62, Air 1-18-63
    Barney saves a baby, but Fred gets the credit. Will Fred's conscience let him live with the lie?

  • The Surprise (P-81)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-4-62, Air 1-25-63
    Fred expresses negative feelings about babies when Barney sits for his nephew Marblehead--not the right frame of mind in which to hear Wilma's news...

  • Mother-In-Law's Visit (P-82)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-7-62, Air 2-1-63
    Fred's attempts to be nice to Mrs. Slaghoople--"I love my mother-in- law, I *love* my mother-in-law..."--are less than successful. So when the old battle-axe winds up in disguised, part-time cabbie Fred's taxi, he milks the situation for all it's worth.

  • Foxy Grandma (P-80)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 8-30-62, Air 2-8-63
    Fred hires a housekeeper who turns out to be Grandma Dynamite, the notorious bank robber.

  • Fred's New Job (P-83)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-11-62, Air 2-15-63
    Operation Get You a Raise, which involves Barney dressing up as "Mr. Rockafeather" and making a counter-offer for Fred's services, backfires, and Fred is fired by Mr. Slate.

  • The Blessed Event (a.k.a. Dress Rehearsal) (P-84)
    Written by Harvey Bullock and R. Saffian
    Rec 9-20-62, Air 2-22-63
    Wilma is about to go into labor. (The birth of Pebbles.)

  • Carry On, Nurse Fred (P-85)
    Written by Mike Maltese (teleplay by Joanna Lee)
    Rec 9-27-62, Air 3-1-63
    After firing Wilma's nurse, Fred assumes the household duties and mislays Pebbles.

  • Ventriloquist Barney (P-86)
    Written by Mike Maltese (teleplay by Herb Finn)
    Rec 10-2-62, Air 3-8-63
    Barney's voice-throwing trick adds to the general mayhem when he and Fred take Pebbles to a wrestling match.

  • The Big Move (P-87)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 10-16-62, Air 3-22-63
    Fred disapproves of Barney's lowbrow influence on Pebbles, so he moves the family to a snobbish high-society community.

  • Swedish Visitors (P-88)
    Written by Harvey Bullock and R. Saffian
    Rec 10-23-62, Air 3-29-63
    While the Flintstones endure a rocky family camping trip, Wilma rents out the house to earn back the vacation money she has already secretly spent on herself.

  • The Birthday Party (P-77)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 8-10-62, Air 4-5-63
    Barney must keep Fred busy while Wilma plans a surprise party for him, but he loses his car with a sleeping Fred inside.

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