Flintstones Episode Guide - Season 4

  • Ann-Margrock Presents (P-103)
    Written by Harvey Bullock and R. Saffian
    Rec 6-28-63, Air 9-19-63
    Fred and Wilma hire "Annie" to babysit Pebbles, unaware that the young woman is actually Ann-Margrock in town for a show (for which Fred and Barney plan to audition).

  • Groom Gloom (P-90)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 3-22-63, Air 9-26-63
    Fred dreams that Pebbles has married Arnold.

  • Little Bamm-Bamm (P-101)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 6-12-63, Air 10-3-63
    After wishing on a falling star, the Rubbles find Bamm-Bamm abandoned on their doorstep. Their attempt to adopt the boy leads to a custody battle involving attorney Perry Masonry.

  • Dino Disappears (P-89)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 3-13-63, Air 10-10-63
    Dino, feeling unloved and unwanted, runs away from home.

  • Fred's Monkeyshines (P-91)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 4-3-63, Air 10-17-63
    Fred's new glasses give him a dangerously distorted view of the world.

  • The Flintstone Canaries (P-92)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 4-5-63, Air 10-24-63
    Fred persuades Barney to sing lead in his barbershop quartet group on the "Hum Along With Herman" show.

  • Glue For Two (P-93)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 4-22-63, Air 10-31-63
    Fred's new soft drink doubles as a super glue, and he and Barney are soon joined at the bowling ball.

  • Big League Freddie (P-94)
    Written by Walter Black
    Rec 4-25-63, Air 11-7-63
    Fred is mistakenly credited with the phenomenal baseball performance of rookie Roger. He plans to usurp Roger's shot at the big leagues, and the gang give him the cold shoulder.

  • Old Lady Betty (P-96)
    Written by Walter Black
    Rec 5-6-63, Air 11-14-63
    Betty, disguised as elderly Mrs. O-Lady, takes a job purchasing common items with large bills for an equally bogus old woman, who turns out to be a counterfeiter.

  • Sleep On, Sweet Fred (P-95)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 4-30-63, Air 11-21-63
    Wilma and Betty use "sleep teaching" to get what they want out of their husbands, but Fred and Barney catch on and decide to turn the tables on them.

  • Kleptomaniac Pebbles (P-97)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 5-14-63, Air 11-28-63
    Pebbles' tendency to take anything that isn't nailed down is exploited by jewel thief Baffles Gravel.

  • Daddy's Little Beauty (P-99)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 5-22-63, Air 12-5-63
    Fred enters Pebbles in a beauty contest.

  • Daddies Anonymous (P-98)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-21-63, Air 12-12-63
    D.A. is a club where Bedrock fathers secretly hang out and play cards when they should be walking their children.

  • Peek-A-Boo Camera (P-102)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 6-21-63, Air 12-19-63
    Fred and Barney attend a wild bachelor party under false pretenses, but the wives may never forgive them if their appearance on "Peek-A- Boo Camera" airs.

  • Once Upon A Coward (P-105)
    Rec 7-12-63 and 7-19-63, Air 12-26-63
    Fred is held up by a masked man who tells him to raise his arms "nice and slow." He subsequently engages in dangerous activities to salvage his reputation.

  • Ten Little Flintstones (P-104)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 7-8-63, Air 1-2-64
    A flying saucer drops off ten duplicates of Fred, whose life is turned upside down by their actions.

  • Fred El Terrifico (P-106)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 7-19-63, Air 1-9-64
    Fred, sporting another flamboyant moustache, deals with jewel thieves and the jealous Wilma while on vacation in Rockapulco.

  • Bedrock Hillbillies (P-100)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 6-11-63, Air 1-16-64
    Fred inherits a hillbilly "estate" and is unwillingly pulled into the ancient Hatrock-Flintstone feud.

  • Flintstone and the Lion (P-107)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 7-29-63, Air 1-23-64
    Fred stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that the kitten he brought home has become a hungry and unmanageable mountain lion.

  • Cave Scout Jamboree (P-108)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 8-5-63, Air 1-30-64
    Shangri-La-De-Da Valley, far from being the isolated vacation spot the Flintstones and Rubbles were promised, turns out to be the site of a huge gathering of boy scouts.

  • Room For Two (P-110)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 8-29-63, Air 2-6-64
    Barney's deciding vote against Fred in the "Water Buffalo of the Year" run-off leads to a bitter fight over a new room.

  • Ladies Night At the Lodge (P-109)
    Written by Herb Finn
    Rec 8-16-63, Air 2-13-64
    Dressed as men, Wilma and Betty attempt to join the Water Buffalo Lodge but barely survive the initiation.

  • Reel Trouble (P-111)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 9-4-63, Air 2-20-64
    Fred bores everyone he can with his home movies of Pebbles, then inadvertently captures a robbery on film.

  • Son of Rockzilla (P-113)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 9-30-63, Air 2-27-64
    Fred dons a monster suit to create publicity for a new horror film, but becomes stuck and is chased by the police and a lovesick finkasaurus.

  • Bachelor Daze (P-112)
    Written by Ralph Goodman (teleplay by Herb Finn)
    Rec 9-26-63, Air 3-5-64
    How young Fred and Barney met their future wives while working at the Honeyrock Hotel.

  • Operation Switchover (P-114)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 10-2-63, Air 3-12-64
    Fred and Wilma switch jobs for the day. Will Fred win the Housewife of the Year Award?

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