Flintstones Episode Guide - Season 5

  • Hop Happy (P-116)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 3-10-64, Air 9-17-64
    Barney buys a hopparoo for Bamm-Bamm. The animal annoys Fred, until the families' lives are endangered at a picnic and Hoppy goes for help.

  • Monster Fred (P-118)
    Rec 4-3-64, Air 9-24-64
    Fred's bowling-ball accident necessitates a visit to Dr. Len Frankenstone, who sees an opportunity to test his personality- switching machine.

  • Itty Bitty Freddy (P-119)
    Rec 4-15-64, Air 10-1-64
    Fred's experimental reducing formula leaves him a diminished man, a situation he and Barney exploit by putting together a ventriloquist act for the Ed Sullystone Show.

  • Pebbles's Birthday Party (P-115)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 3-3-64, Air 10-8-64
    "The only caterer in town" muddles two parties, sending the Boulderettes to Pebbles's kiddie party and Rocko the Clown to the Water Buffalo Lodge.

  • Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up (P-120)
    Rec 4-16-64, Air 10-15-64
    Fred is jealous of Pebbles' affection for rodeo rider Bony Hurdle, Wilma's old sweetheart, and enters the Bedrock Rodeo himself to win her back.

  • Cinerellastone (P-117)
    Written by Tony Benedict
    Rec 3-19-64, Air 10-22-64
    Fred's fairy godmother helps him make a splash at Mr. Slate's party.

  • A Haunted House Is Not A Home (P-121)
    Rec 4-21-64, Air 10-29-64
    In order to receive his Uncle Giggles' inheritance, Fred and co. must spend the night in his uncle's haunted mansion.

  • Dr. Sinister (P-122)
    Rec 4-22-64, Air 11-5-64
    Lured by Madam Yes, Fred and Barney must escape ("A judo, a chop chop chop!") from Dr. Sinister's island fortress.

  • The Gruesomes (P-123)
    Rec 5-1-64, Air 11-12-64
    The Flintstones befriend their next-door neighbors, the strange new inhabitants of Tombstone Manor.

  • The Most Beautiful Baby In Bedrock (P-124)
    Rec 5-11-64, Air 11-19-64
    Rockeo and Julietta comes to life as the Flintstones and Rubbles enter their children as competitors in a beautiful baby contest.

  • Dino and Juliet (P-125)
    Rec 5-21-64, Air 11-26-64
    Dino falls in love with the pet of Loudrock, Fred's obnoxious new neighbor.

  • King For A Night (P-126)
    Rec 5-26-64, Air 12-3-64
    Fred exchanges places with the King of Stonesylvania.

  • Indianrockolis 500 (P-127)
    Written by Rance Howard
    Rec 6-12-64, Air 12-10-64
    Fred drives Barney's race car as Goggles Pisano.

  • Adobe Dick (P-128)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 6-4-64, Air 12-17-64
    A Lodge fishing trip on the _HMS Bountystone_ goes awry when Fred and Barney encounter a legendary whaleasaurus.

  • Christmas Flintstone (P-131)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 7-9-64, Air 12-25-64
    Macyrock Santa Fred must fill in for the actual, ailing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

  • Fred's Flying Lesson (P-129)
    Written by Rick Mittelman
    Rec 6-18-64, Air 1-1-65
    Fred "Wings" Flintstone wins a free flying lesson and decides to take the full course after meeting the beautiful instructor.

  • Fred's Second Car (P-130)
    Written by Rance Howard
    Rec 7-2-64, Air 1-8-65
    Fred buys a "confisticated car" at a police auction, and is chased by crooks who suspect that the car contains jewels.

  • Time Machine (P-133)
    Written by William Idelson and Samuel Bobrick
    Rec 7-15-64, Air 1-15-65
    A trip to the World's Fair turns into a trip through time as the Flintstones and Rubbles visit future historical eras.

  • The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes (P-132)
    Written by Herb Finn and Alan Dinehart
    Rec 7-16-64, Air 1-22-65
    If the Gruesomes don't scare the irritating Hatrocks off, Fred reasons, perhaps "bug music" will...

  • Moonlight and Maintenance (P-134)
    Written by Herb Finn and Alan Dinehart
    Rec 7-28-64, Air 1-29-65
    The Flintstones move into Bedrock Towers, where Fred takes on the job of Resident Stationary Engineer in addition to his quarry duties.

  • Sheriff For A Day (P-135)
    Written by Joanna Lee
    Rec 8-10-64, Air 2-5-65
    A uranium hunting expedition results in Fred being appointed sheriff of Rocky Gulch just before the Slatery Brothers ride into town.

  • Deep In the Heart of Texarock (P-136)
    Written by Barry Blitzer
    Rec 8-4-64, Air 2-12-65
    The Flintstones and Rubbles help Fred's Uncle Tex thwart cowasaurus rustlers on his Texarock ranch.

  • The Rolls Rock Caper (P-138)
    Rec 8-28-64, Air 2-19-65
    "Boulder's Rules" apply as Fred and Barney help Aaron Boulder solve a murder mystery.

  • Superstone (P-137)
    Rec 8-17-64, Air 2-26-65
    Fred assumes the identity of a television superhero and is framed in a ticket-theft scam.

  • Fred Meets Hercurock (P-139)
    Rec 8-31-64, Air 3-5-65
    Fred lands a starring role in Hercurock and the Maidens, but he may not survive the filming.

  • Surfin' Fred (P-140)
    Rec 9-21-64, Air 3-12-65
    Fred ("Troy") becomes a surfing fool among the teenagers at Rock Island, requiring frequent rescues by lifeguard Jimmy Darrock.

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