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11. Didn't Dino talk once?

    Dino frequently forms half-articulate phrases, though in a manner more similar to that of Scooby-Doo than of the Jetsons' Astro. However, you may be thinking of episode P-11, "The Snorkasaurus Hunter," in which Fred and Barney attempt to catch a fast-talking creature called a snorkasaurus (wonderfully voiced by Jerry Mann) for dinner. The wives befriend the creature, who winds up acting as a sort of all-purpose servant at the Flintstones' house. Wilma refers to the snorkasaurus as "Dino" toward the end of the episode, and he certainly looks very similar (though not identical) to the family's beloved dogasaurus, but the similarity decidedly ends there.

    Dino proper had already appeared as early as "No Help Wanted" (P-6), and returns in "Love Letters on the Rocks" (P-21), which aired three weeks after "The Snorkasaurus Hunter"--a situation that must have confused more than a few viewers in 1961. The transition between the two Dinos is one of the many intriguing curiosities in the show's history.

    Alternatively, you may have in mind "Monster Fred" (P-118), in which Len Frankenstone's personality-switching machine temporarily gives Dino Fred's mind, manner and voice.

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