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15. Who were the creative talents behind the show?

    The Flintstones could not have existed without the able skills of one of the best teams in television history:

    • cocreators and executive producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera;
    • writers: Ray Allen Saffian, Joseph Barbera, Tony Benedict, Walter Black, Barry Blitzer, Harvey Bullock, Alan Dinehart, Herb Finn, Warren Foster, Ralph Goodman, Joanna Lee, Mike Maltese, Larry Markes, George O'Hanlon, Arthur Phillips, Jack Raymond, Dalton "Sandy" Sandifer, and Sydney Zelinka;
    • storyboard illustrator: Dan Gordon;
    • artist/make-over consultant/set designer: Ed Benedict;
    • associate producer and layout artist: Alex Lovy;
    • layout artist and designer: Iwao Takamoto;
    • layout artists: Dick Bickenbach, Jerry Eisenberg, Willie Ito, and Don Jurwich;
    • animators: Ed Aardel, George Goepper, Gerry Hathcock, Ed Love, Dick Lundy, Kenneth Muse, George Nichols, Don Patterson, Irv Spence, and Carlo Vinci;
    • animation checker: Midge Sturgis;
    • background painting department head: Fernando "Monte" Montealegre;
    • background artist: Richard H. Thomas;
    • camera department head: Frank Pakier;
    • musical director: Hoyt Curtin.

    This is only a partial list of the many talented individuals whose creative efforts made The Flintstones what it was, and is.

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