The Flintstones Frequently
Asked Questions List

23. Where did Bamm-Bamm come from?

    Desperately wanting a baby, the Rubbles wish on a star and awaken the next morning to discover tow-headed Bamm-Bamm on their doorstep. They fall in love with him and decide to adopt, but the Welfare Bureau informs the couple that the baby has already been promised to wealthy Mr. Pronto Berger, who has retained the famous attorney Perry Masonry to handle the court case.

    After an unpleasant custody battle in court (and a suicide attempt by Barney), the Rubbles prove no match for Masonry and lose the case. But, as they are leaving the court heartbroken, Mr. Berger learns that his wife is pregnant and give custody of Bamm-Bamm to the Rubbles.

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