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31. What is the best general reference work on the show?

    My vote goes to The Flintstones: A Modern Stone Age Phenomenon by T. R. Adams (Turner Publishing, 1994). It's a big, deluxe coffee table book with beautiful color pictures and an episode guide, and, despite a number of inaccuracies, it approaches every aspect of the series' history with a seriousness and attention that is truly remarkable. The interview material quoted in this document is taken from the Adams text.

    Selected bibliography:

    Recent books from Bedrock Press (Turner Pub.):

    • Flinstones: Big Race in Bedrock. 1995.
    • Flintstones: Fred's Big Splash. 1995.
    • Flintstones: Dino's Lost Bone: A Pop-up Fun Book. 1995.
    • Flintstones Fun in the Sun: A Changing Picture Book. 1995.
    • Flintstones Bedtime Storybook: Join Fred and the Gang on a Fairyland Adventure. 1994.
    • Flintstones Christmas Carol. 1994.
    • Flintstones Great Dinosaur Adventure. (gr. 4-7). 1994.
    • Flintstones' Family Christmas. 1993.
    • Flintstones' Great Dinosaur Adventure. (Fantastic Discoveries Series) 1993.
    • Flintstones Wacky Inventions. 1993.
    • Flintstones Wacky Inventions: How Things Work in the Modern Stone Age. (gr. 4-7). 1993.


    • Flintstones: the Movie Storybook. 1994. Platt & Munk Pubs, Putnam Pub Group.
    • Flintstones: the Novelization. 1994. Platt & Munk Pubs, Putnam Pub Group.

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