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7. Were the opening and closing sequences always the same?

    The framing sequences for the first two seasons featured an instrumental called "Rise and Shine." The original opening sees Fred driving home from work, zipping through the streets of Bedrock. He slams his car into the garage, enters the house and sits down to watch television--on which he himself appears, hawking the program's sponsors' products. The original closing sequence has Fred turn off the TV set, cover the bird cage, and attempt to put the cat out--after which the cat puts him out instead. ("Wilma! Come on, Wilma, open this door! Willllll-ma!")

    The more familiar framing sequences, the ones with the "Meet the Flintstones" theme song, weren't introduced until the third season. The opening has Fred sliding down the tail of his dino-crane at quitting time, picking up Wilma and the pets, and driving to the movies (where "The Monster" is playing). The closing sequence has them leave the movies, order giant ribs (which tip over the car) at a drive-in restaurant, and go home, where Fred attempts to put out the cat but gets put out himself instead. ("WILLLLLL-MA!")

    These last sequences were later altered to include the Rubbles and accommodate the arrivals of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. The vocals are altered slightly and given an echo treatment. Also, the quitting-time whistle is given an actual whistle sound rather than the original bird squawk.

    A later closing sequence featured Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm singing "Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In."

    Nowadays, most showings of the original series in syndication use the third- season "Meet the Flintstones" sequences to frame episodes from seasons 1 and 2. Moreover, since the same end credit list is merely tacked onto an entire season's worth of episodes, the credits are generally useless for determining the artists associated with a given episode.

    The "Rise and Shine" opening, recovered in 1994 after a worldwide search, was believed to survive only in black and white, and the closing sequence was thought to have been lost completely. In November of 1995, however, the Cartoon Network restored the full-color opening sequence to the first ten episodes (to commemorate the show's 35th anniversary), as well as the minutes of footage that had for many years been edited out of the episodes in syndication.

    The official DVD releases of the first two seasons feature the orginal "Rise and Shine" opening and closing sequences -- now colorized along with the original episodes.

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