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  • Pac-Man: From 1982-84 on ABC with Richie Rich in '82-83 and Rubik the Amazing Cube (from Ruby & Spears) in '83-84. It featured Pac-Man, (voice of Marty Ingels), his wife Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man, their dog Puff-Puff and cat SourPuss. Their arch ememies were the ghosts: Inky, a dope; Pinky, tough guy, Blinky, who wore a hat like Mush Moutse and Punkin' Puss; Clyde, the leader and Sue, the lone female. The ghosts' boss was the evil Mezmeron. It was based on the granddaddy of video games, Pac-Man.

  • Partride Family: 2200 A.D.: The singing family prime time show is made into a futuristic cartoon. Premiered 1974. See also: "Fred Flintstone and Friends".

  • Paw Paws: Aired sometime in the '80s, and is cross between the Smurfs and the Star Wars ewoks. Premiered in 1985 as part of Funtastic World of H-B.

  • Pebbles and Bamm Bamm: The cute babies are now teenagers and get into mischief with their friends Shleprock, Moonrock, Wiggy, Penny and Cindy. Premiered 1971.

  • Perils of Penelope Pitstop, The: A spoof of "The Perils of Pauline" featuring the villian Sylvester Sneekly (alias the Hooded Claw) and the race car driving Penelope who was assited in fighting Sneekly by her companions the Ant Hill Mob. Premiered 1969.

  • Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon: Featuring a purple hippo and his friend, So So Monkey. Premiered 1964.

  • Peter Potamus Show, The: Same as above show but under a new title. Included some new episodes. Premiered 1966.

  • Pirates of Dark Water, The: Debuted in 1991 on ABC. It was a miniseries and is still currently playing on comedy central. Columbia house videos is still selling a full length feature of the premiere and the first few episodes.

  • Pixie and Dixie: And don't forget Jinx the cat! See: "Yogi and His Friends".

  • Popeye and Olive Show, The: In association with King Features. A Saturday morning show featuring Popeye, Olive Oil, Bluto and Wimpy. Premiered 1981. See Also: "Dinki Dog"

  • Popeye and Son: Popeye and Olive are now married and have a son, Popeye Jr. Premiered 1987.

  • Pound Puppies: The tails of puppies in the Wagga Wagga Pound. Premiered 1986.

  • Powerpuff Girls, The: 1998

  • Precious Pupp: Mischievious pup who lives with Granny Sweet and causes all sorts of trouble - unrealized by Granny!

  • A Pup Named Scooby Doo: The original gang are now seen as children, including a puppy version of Scooby Doo. Premiered 1988.

  • Puppy's New Adventure: See: "Scooby and Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour".

  • Pumpkin Puss and Mush Mouse: Cat and mouse enemies/housemates in a hillbilly setting.

  • Quick Draw McGraw: Quick Draw and his sidekick Baba Looey fight crime. Quick Draw's alter ego is El Kabong, a klutzy "Zorro" type character. Premiered 1963.

  • Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The

  • Richie Rich/Scooby Doo Hour, The: Saturday morning cartoon combining the adventures of a super rich kid and Scooby Doo. Premiered 1980

  • Riccochet Rabbit: Sheriff "ping ping ping" Riccochet Rabbit and his deputy Droopalong Coyote battle villains in the old west.

  • Roman Holidays: Gus Holiday, his wife Laurie, and their kids Precocia and Happius face life in 63 A.D.. The family's lion was named Brutus and was voiced by Daws Butler. The show was loosely based on "Father Knows Best". NBC cartoon that had Dom Deluise voice the landlord, Mr. Evictus. Premiered 1972.

  • Ruff and Reddy Show, The: A talking dog and cat team battling neighborhood bullies. "Get set get ready here come Ruff and Reddy, they're tuff but steady all way Ruff and Reddy, they sometime have there little spats even fight like dogs and cats, but when they need each other that's when there Ruff and Reddy" Premiered 1957.
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