Barney Rubble

With his infectious chuckle, sunny outlook on life, and ability to overlook the grumpiest disposition (i.e., that of longtime pal Fred Flintstone), Barney Rubble is Bedrock's quintesential good neighbor. Born in Graniteville, Barney grew up in Bedrock alongside Fred. The two attended Bedrock High together, met their wives together, and mutually spend a great deal of time evading their wives' ire --in short, sharing all the ups and downs of Modern Stone Age male bonding. Most people find Fred to be overbearing and difficult, but Barney doesn't let these flaws stand in the way of true friendship.

Initially wary of Fred's enthusiastic and impulsive schemes, Barney usually ends up throwing caution to the wind and enjoying himself, even though, when the plans backfire --as they always do-- he is the one blamed for their failure. The important thing in Barney's mind is to be a loyal buddy, and this he performs flawlessly. Left to his own devices, he would be just as happy staying at home and spending the evening with his lovely wife, Betty, and their super-strong son, Bamm-Bamm.

The great mystery that continues to puzzle Flintstonephiles is the buring question of what Barney does for a living. Barney's career has long been a matter of speculation. Leaving the house every weekday morning with Fred, he appears to head for a regular nine-to-five job. But what he does every morning after Fred drops him off at the corner is anyone's guess. He's been seen entering the offices of Pebbles Co. Rock and Gravel, as well as those of Slate Rock and Gravel. He has worked temporarily as a furniture repossessor, a travel agent, and has joined Fred in an entrepreneurial stint as co-owner of a drive-in restaurant. These are all matters of public record. But why does he never stay at one job? And why is his position so rarely referred to? His wife, Betty, once let slip to an acquaintance that he is in "top secret work."

**Source: T. R. Adams, The Flintstones: A Modern Stone Age Phenomenon, Turner Publishing, 1994

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