Betty Rubble

A slim brunette with a lively sense of humor and a ready giggle, Betty likes to rhapsodize over film hunks like Stony Curtis, but the real love of her life is her husband, Barney. They met shortly after high school, and his Mel Torme magnetism and rakish Neolithic looks soon swept her off her feet. For his part, Barney was entranced by Betty's breezy girl-next-door charm, and before long Betty Jean McBricker became Mrs. Barney Rubble.

Betty and her new husband stepped easily into suburban life in Bedrock, making a cozy home out of their cave on Cobblestone Lane. Clever and well as considerate, she lets Barney believe he's the head of the house while she manages everything --including Barney himself-- from behind the scenes.

When Fred steps over the line and insults Barney once too often, it is Betty who encourages him to stick up for himself. Barney may not be proud, but his wife is. She is also a terrific mother and manages her son and his pet, Hoppy the hopparoo, as easily as she does Barney, enjoying every moment she spends with her family and friends.

With Wilma living right next door, Betty never lacks for activity. Sharing magazine hubby quizzes, trips to the beauty shop, and even camping expeditions with her comrade in arms, her days are full.

**Source: T. R. Adams, The Flintstones: A Modern Stone Age Phenomenon, Turner Publishing, 1994

Betty Fun Facts

  • It is implied in one fourth season episode that Betty may be infertile and unable to carry a child.

  • Betty's maiden name is McBricker, but in the live-action The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas she was called Betty O'Shale.

  • The Flintstones Kids series also refers to Betty's last name incorrectly, calling her Betty Jean Bricker. The show also asserts that Betty has an older brother (Brad), and that her parents ran a convenience store.

  • Later spinoffs and specials portray Betty and Wilma as more modern women with careers, including working as reporters in The Flintstone Comedy Show and running a successful catering business in Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby.

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