Fred Flintstone

Wild-mannered Fred Flintstone, dino operator by day, devoted hubby by night, is a man of many facets. He appears to be a simple blue-tie worker, but a wealth of other personae also lie buried beneath his big belly. He's been a beverage formulator --inventing soft drinks with disastrous results-- as well as a carnival operator, restaurateur, and private investigator, to name only a few of his temporary careers. Not one to pass up on the opportunity for easy money, Fred has never let incompetence stand in his way.

A big bear of a man with an expressive face that can turn from jovial to grouchy and back in an instant, Fred is instantly recognized by the black-spotted, orange tunic he favors as daily wear and the severe cowlick that gives him a perpetual "bad hair" day. He describes his eyes as "robin's egg blue," although they appear black; his hair is raven; and despite a daily shave with a bee-powered razor, his cheeks sport the stubbled look later adopted by the men of "Miami Vice."

Along with his childhood pal, Barney Rubble, Fred attended Bedrock high school and served a stint in the Army. After marrying Wilma Slaghoople, he began a career as a dino (dinosaur) operator at the Bedrock Gravel and Quarry Company (also know as Slate Rock and Gravel, and sixteen other variations). Although he has an excellent working relationship with the dinosaurs, his dealings with his boss, Mr. Slate, are fraught with tension. This could be because Fred has no compunctions about playing hooky from work --any reason will do; it doesn't have to be a good one.

At home, Fred and Wilma epitomize the lifestyle of the Modern Stone Age family. Occasionally Fred and Barney slip out for a meeting of the Royal Order of Water Buffalos --a men's-only haven of boisterous guys in silly hats-- or for an evening of pin tumbling down at the bowling alley. But Fred is just as happy at home with his wife and daughter, Pebbles, to whom he reveals endless patience and a surprisingly gentle nature. With adults, however, Fred has little tolerance, a trait that bothers everyone but him. But when you're a big, burly guy like Flintstone, you have to throw your weight around --there's not a whole lot else you can do with it.

**Source: T. R. Adams, The Flintstones: A Modern Stone Age Phenomenon, Turner Publishing, 1994

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