Wilma Flintstone

Although Wilma Flintstone worked as a waitress before her marriage, and was briefly the hostess of an early evening television show, "The Happy Housewife," she is known chiefly as the better, more sensible half of Fred Flintstone (someone has to be) and the mother of Pebbles. Generally Wilma is the steadying force, providing a balance for Fred's impulsiveness. And while some would call her sly guidance manipulative, she prefers to think of is as "husband management."

A model housewife, Wilma even dusts Fred's bowling ball on a regular basis (she discovered that it's Fred's favorite place to hide his extra cash). Although she's usually thrifty, Wilma does have a weakness for shopping sprees and wishes she didn't have to return things after "taking them on approval." The orginal mall maniac, she often disappears into the heart of the Macyrock Department store, wielding a credit card and yelling, "Chaarge--it!"

Wilma has learned to live with Fred's frequent money-making schemes, which generally blow up in his face. And although she would never dream of wearing the pants in the family (they haven't even been invented yet), she's always there to set things straight after disaster strikes.

**Source: T. R. Adams, The Flintstones: A Modern Stone Age Phenomenon, Turner Publishing, 1994

Wilma Fun Facts

  • As young adults, Wilma and Betty worked as cigarette girls/waitresses at the Honeyrock Hotel, where they first met and fell in love with their future husbands.

  • Several early episodes of The Flintstones implied that Wilma's maiden name was Wilma Pebbles, but the name Slaghoople is considered Flintstone canon.

  • Once Pebbles was a teenager, The Flintstones Comedy Show portrayed Wilma and Betty as newspaper reporters for The Daily Granite, and they often required rescuing from Captain Caveman.

  • Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby portrayed Wilma as a more modern woman, running a successful catering business, again with best friend Betty of course!

  • Wilma has at least one married sister, and her mother's name is Pearl. The Flintstones Kids shows Wilma's father as having run a prehistoric computer business and Wilma having younger sisters, but the series is generally considered outside of Flintstone canon.

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