A Flintstone Family Christmas

30 minute television special, ABC (December 18, 1993)


    The older generation Flintstones and Rubbles get involved with Stoney, a "caveless kid from the wrong side of the tar pits", while awaiting the arrival of the newest members of the clan who were snowed in at O'Harestone Airport.

    As Fred anxiously awaits the arrival of his grandkids from Hollyrock --- excited because they will get to see him play Santa in the Christmas parade. After Fred and Barney get held-up by a homeless kid, Wilma insists they take the boy in for the holidays. The boy Stoney is a handful, stealing the Rubbles Christmas tree and conning people to raise money for the Flintstones' tree, but he begins to see the error of his ways when Fred actually defends his word. A series of events lands Fred and Stoney in jail, prompting the social worker to take Stoney back to juvie hall, but Fred rescues him in the flying sleigh from the parade. Fred then announces that the newest member of the family gets to hang the star, so Stoney hands Roxy and Chip to their grandfather to hoist up and hang the star --- but Fred hands the star to Stoney.

Featured Voices:

    Henry Corden Fred Flintstone
    Jean VanderPyl Wilma Flintstone
    Frank Welker Barney Rubble, Dino
    B.J. Ward Betty Rubble
    John Stephenson Mr. Slate
    Christine Cavanaugh Stoney
    Didi Conn Stella
    Megan Mullally Pebbles Flintstone Rubble

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