The Flintstones' Little Big League

60 minute television special, NBC (April 6, 1978)


    When Fred and Barney are made coaches of competitive baseball teams, their friendship goes on the rocks as the big playoff game approaches. Barney's star player is Bamm-Bamm whose power hitting gets most pitches out of the park. Pebbles is a last minute addition to Fred's team and suprises everyone with her pitching ability. After the guys come close to blows, the wives take over the teams and coach them to a tie.

Featured Voices:

    Henry Corden Fred Flintstone
    Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
    Jean VanderPyl Wilma Flintstone
    Gay Hartwig Betty Rubble
    Pamela Anderson Pebbles Flintstone
    Frank Welker Bamm-Bamm Rubble
    John Stephenson Mr. Slate
    Ted Cassidy Officer
    Herb Vigran Judge Shale
    Lucille Bliss Dusty
    Randy Gray Lefty
    Don Messick

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