The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone

60 minute Halloween television special, NBC (October 30, 1980)


    The Flintstones and Rubbles don crazy costumes to compete on the Make a Deal or Don't game show, winning a romantic trip to Count Rockula's castle in Rocksylvania. Legend says that Count Rockula was creating a Frankenstone monster to scare away the werewolves, but has not been seen for 500 years. The couples arrive at the castle in time for the costume ball, but Fred and Barney accidentally run across Count Rockula's secret laboratory. Unable to find their way back, the boys climb out the window --- leaving it open and allowing a lightning bolt to enter and bring the Frankenstone monster to life. Frankenstone awakens Count Rockula from his 500 year slumber and the two of them scare the party out of the castle ---- all but the Rubbles and Flintstones who went to bed early. Later, while Fred is raiding the party leftovers, Count Rockula sneaks into the Flintstones' room and mistakes Wilma for his long-lost bride. After kidnapping her and discovering that she is married to Fred, Count Rockula decides to make Wilma a widow so that he may have her for himself.

Featured Voices:

    Henry Corden Fred Flintstone
    Mel Blanc Barney Rubble, Dino
    Jean VanderPyl Wilma Flintstone, Frau G.
    Gay Autterson Betty Rubble
    John Stephenson Count Rockula
    Ted Cassidy Frankenstone
    Casey Kasem Monty Marble
    Don Messick Igor, Wolf
    Lennie Weinrib Mr. Silica, Bat

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