The Flintstones On the Rocks

90-minute Cartoon Theatre TV-Movie
Cartoon Network (November 3, 2001)


    The first animated Flintstones incarnation done in several years, this tele-film actually captures the essence and flavor of the original series. The animation is raw and expressive -- patterned after early episodes of the The Flintstones, and the voice actors pull off an amazing job. The decision to bring in new actors was wise; listening to Jeff Bergman and Kevin Michael Richardson, you'd almost swear the banter was between Alan Reed and Mel Blanc returned to life. The same can be said for Grey Delisle, who actually comes closer to the original giggly Betty than we've seen so far, and Tress MacNeille sounds strikingly like the nasally Wilma of yesteryear.

    The simplicity of the series is back, with even the Flintstone home returning to its original shapeless rock cave, and the streets and background cleaned up.

    And probably most important here, The Flintstones On the Rocks is written in a way that adults would again appreciate it, with dialogue that is humorous and appealing -- and even suggestive!

    The plot centers on the crumbling Flintstone marriage -- starting with an outrageous session with a marriage counselor followed by an exotic vacation anniversary gift from the Rubbles. Fred's tendency to take Wilma for granted and treat her like a lackey plagues Wilma the whole trip as Fred's traditional obnoxious behavior reaches record levels.

    In the meantime, Wilma thinks Fred has bought her an expensive diamond pendent when her handbag is accidentally switched with that of a jewel thief -- setting off a chain of events starting with the thief trying to court Wilma to get the diamond back and culminating in a tediously long chase scene.

    Of course, Fred and Wilma ultimately reunite for the happy ending of the film -- which is unquestionably the best animated spin-off since Sally Struthers voiced a bumbling teenage Pebbles back in 1971.

    And oh, yeah. The inspired final touch has the closing credits rolling over scenes of the Flintstone home tattered and torn apart by a bored Dino -- who has been left home alone.

Featured Voices:

    Jeff Bergman Fred Flintstone, Parking Guard, Vendor
    Tress MacNeille Wilma Flintstone, woman scene #2
    Kevin Richardson Barney Rubble, Hector, Jewel Guard
    Grey Delisle Betty Rubble, Mystery Woman
    Jeff Glen Bennett Villain/Xavier, Club Announcer, Pool Waiter
    Frank Welker Dino, Monkey, Elevator Guy
    Tom Kenny Bellboy, Mammoth Vendor, Bed Monkey, Bowling Announcer
    John Kassir Concerge, Bartender, Border Guard, Florist
    Zelda Rubinstein Psychiatrist
    Joey Altruda Stoney Altruda
    John Stephenson Mr. Slate, Old Man
    Oren Waters Baritone Singer
    Maxi Anderson Soprano Singer
    Carmen Twilley Tenor Singer
    Willie Wheaton Bass Singer
    Mark Mangini Dino

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