The Flintstones Comedy Show

90-minute Saturday morning series
(November, 1980 - September, 1982)


    A fun but juvenile program -- each ninety-minute episode features a variety of crafts and spelling games for the kids in-between six mini-segments of various lengths. Outside North America, the show aired as Flintstone Frolics.

Featured Voices:

    Henry Corden Fred Flintstone
    Mel Blanc Barney Rubble, Captain Caveman
    Jean VanderPyl Wilma Flintstone
    Gay Autterson Betty Rubble, Wiggy Rockstone
    Russi Taylor Pebbles Flintstone, Cavemouse
    Michael Sheehan Bamm-Bamm Rubble
    Charles Nelson Reilly Frank Frankenstone
    Ruta Lee Hidea Frankenstone
    Zelda Rubinstein Atrocia Frankenstone
    Paul Ruebens Freaky Frankenstone
    John Stephenson Mr. Slate
    Mitzi McCall Penny Pillar
    Lennie Weinrib Moonrock Crater, Sgt. Boulder
    Don Messick Schleprock
    Frank Welker Shmoo, Rockjaw

The Flintstone Family Adventures:

    This segment features the Flintstones and Rubbles dealing with one mishap after another, in traditional Fred and Barney style, but with little or no plot.

    1980-1981 Season

    R.V. Fever -As the families take a road trip, the trailer with Fred and Barney comes unhitched.
    Sands of Saharastone -The Flintstones and Rubbles take a trip to the Saharastone Desert.
    Gold Fever -Fred and Barney think that they have discovered a map to a gold mine.
    Bogged Down -Barney gets his car stuck in a tar pit and has a devil of a time getting it out.
    Be Patient, Fred -Fred is sick but does not want to see a doctor to get well.
    Country Club Clods -Fred and Barney want to join the country club but they just don't fit in with the crowd.
    The Rockdale Diet -Fred tries the new Rockdale Diet with less than satisfactory results.
    Dino's Girl -Fred is upset with Dino's disappearance until he finds out he just has a new girlfriend.
    The Gourmet Dinner -Fred and Barney are put up to the challenge of cooking a meal for their wives.
    The Stand-In
    Go Take a Hike

    1981-1982 Season

    The Great Bedrock Air Race
    Fred's Last Resort
    The Not-Such-A-Pleasure Cruise
    Fred's Big Top Flop
    In A Stew
    Fred Vs. the Energy Crisis
    Fred's Friend in Need

The Frankenstones:

    This segment features the Flintstones' "Munster-style" neighbors, the Frankenstones --- but this version of the Frankenstones more closely resembles the version seen in The New Fred and Barney Show (episode: "Fred and Barney Meet the Frankenstones") than the Frankenstones that moved in next door in the prime-time specials. Firstly, Frank's wife is again named Hidea (previously the daughter's name in past specials), their two children are again kooky daughter Atrocia (now the youngest) and a now teenaged son Freaky --- plus they have a pet, Rockjaw, who devours anything. Frank's voice and personality, previously done in "Monster Mash" style by John Stephenson, is now done by Charles Nelson Reilly in his traditional high-pitched hyper-whiny style.

    Frank now becomes short tempered very easily, especially when he has to deal with his annoying neighbor and rival Fred Flintstone. Both men are frustrated by the friendships between their wives and children --- and by the way they always seem to be thrust into one mess after another because of each other. Unfortunately, the Rubbles are rarely seen in this segment.

    1980-1981 Season

    Birthday Boy - Despite objections, Freaky tries to sneak Pebbles into his birthday party.
    Potion Problems
    A Night On the Town - The wives force Fred and Frank to take them out ---- together.
    Out of Their League
    Clone For A Day - Atrocia clones a "nice" Fred to keep her dad from getting angry.
    A Star Is Born
    A Rock-Pox On You
    The Luck Stops Here
    The Monster of Invention
    Rock and Rolling Frankenstone
    Sand Doom

    1981-1982 Season

    Pet Peeves
    The Charity Bizarre - The Frankenstones open a carnival to prevent foreclosure of their home.
    Getting the Business - Fred is forced to accept Frank as a business partner in his lunch truck.
    Ugly Is Only Skin Deep
    Three Days of the Mastodon - The best practical jokes win Frank or Fred lodge membership.
    First Family Fiasco - The families compete for the First Family of Bedrock award.
    House Wars - With the wives away, Fred and Frank wage a war to make each other move.

Captain Caveman:

    This segment features the prehistoric superhero Captain Caveman as he comes to the aid of Daily Granite reporters Betty and Wilma. The ladies report to Lou Granite, while Captain Caveman disguises himself as copy boy Chester in order to keep an eye on the lady reporters.

    1980-1981 Season

    The Masquerader
    The Animal Master
    The Mole
    Vulcan - The evil Vulcan uses a volcano to hold Bedrock hostage.
    Punk Rock
    The Incredible Hunk
    The Ice Man
    The Mummy Worse

    1981-1982 Season

    Pinkbeard - Betty and Wilma investigate the disapppearance of ships in the Bedrock Triangle.
    The Blimp
    Mister Big
    Stormfront and Weathergirl

Dino and the Cavemouse:

    This segment of the show features pet dinosaur Dino squaring off with a wild house mouse.

    1980-1981 Season

    Quiet Please
    Mouse Cleaning
    Camp Out Mouse
    Piece O' Cake
    Ghost Mouse
    Beach Party
    Disco Dino
    Going Ape
    Wet Paint
    Finger Lick'n Bad
    Rocko Socko
    Flying Mouse
    Arcade Antics
    Aloha Mouse
    Robin Mouse
    Dino Comes Home
    L'il Orphan Alphie
    A Fool For Pool
    A Bedrock 500
    Pow Pow the Dyno-Mite
    Double Trouble

    1981-1982 Season

    Sleepy Time Trouble
    Goofed Up Golf
    S'No Place Like Home
    Dinner For Two
    Invasion of the Cheese Snatchers
    Handle With Scare
    The World's Strongest Mouse
    Trick Or Treat
    Bats All
    Do Or Diet
    Mouse For Sale
    The Invisible Mouse
    Maltcheese Falcon

The Bedrock Cops:

    This segment features the zany escapades of part-time Bedrock Police force deputies Fred and Barney, and supernatural officer-trainie Shmoo in fighting crime. The bumbling deputies answer to Sgt. Boulder, and many of the episodes match the trio against the Frankenstones' pet Rockjaw --- who eats anything and has a taste for the Shmoo.

    1980-1981 Season

    Fred Goes Ape - The deputies are assigned to guard the zoo, but the gorillasaurus escapes.
    Off the Beaten Track
    A Bad Case of Rock Jaw
    Follow That Dogasaurus
    Mountain Frustration
    Bedlam On the Bedrock Express
    Hot Air to Spare
    Rockjaw Rides Again
    Pretty Kitty
    The Roller Robber
    Put Up Your Duke

    1981-1982 Season

    Undercover Shmoo
    On the Ball - Fred and Barney miss the police ball to catch a jewel thief --- hungry Rockjaw.
    Shop Treatment - The deputies chase the devouring Rockjaw through Bloomingrocks store.
    Country Clubbed
    Barney and the Bandit - The trio goes western to deal with car thieves.
    Shore Thing - Beach patrol pits the deputies against a hungry Rockjaw terrorizing the beach.
    Rotten Actors - The trio is assigned to guard a movie set, which is a cover for a robbery.

Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm:

    This segment features Pebbles accidentally getting the trio involved in mini-mysteries. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm seem a little younger than in the earlier Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, but they have the same friends, and Bamm-Bamm still has his cavebuggy.

    1980-1981 Season

    Ghost Sitters - While babysitting Bratrock, the trio unmasks the ghost of Bronto Billy.
    The Secret of Scary Valley - Aliens are created to mask expensive perfume production.
    The Witch of the Wardrobe
    Monster Madness - Bamm-Bamm's autographed baseball crashes into a haunted castle.
    The Show Must Go On - Pebbles plans to put on their class show in a "haunted" theatre.
    The Beast of Muscle Rock Beach
    In Tune With Terror
    The Curse of Tutrockmen
    The Hideous Hiss of the Lizard Monster
    The Legend of Haunted Forest
    Double Trouble with Little John Silverock

    1981-1982 Season

    A Night of Fright
    The Dust Devil of Palm Rock Springs
    Dino and the Zombies
    The Ghost of the Neanderthal Giant
    Creature From the Rock Lagoon
    Dino and the Giant Spiders
    The Ghastly Gatorsaurus

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