The Flintstone Kids

60-minute Saturday morning series
(September, 1986 - September, 1988)


    Throwing The Flintstones history and all continuity to the wind, Hanna Barbera launched this series in the midst of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze. Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty are 10-year old children --- along with "pup" Dino --- living in Bedrock with their friends and parents and getting themselves into one scrape after another. The series won a Humanitas Prize.

    Complementing the characters is a rich supporting cast, including poor little rich girl Dreamchip Gemstone, budding private-eye Philo Quartz, bully Rocky Ratrock, and bespectacled Nate Slate --- who is destined to become Fred's boss. In the Flintstone home, Freddy's mom Edna wears the pants --- Freddy and his mechanic father Ed cringing at the very sound of her voice. The Rubbles live next door, where mother Flo painted canvases while Barney's father "Honest" Bob runs a car dealership. Wilma's father operates a prehistoric computer service, and Betty's parents run a Neolithic convenience store.

    Three additional segments appear on the show: Captain Caveman and Son --- featuring the exploits of the world's first superhero and his son Cavey Jr.; Dino's Dilemmas; and Flintstone Funnies, a fantasy-adventure segment with Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty letting their imaginations lead them into exciting adventures.

Featured Voices:

    Lenny Weinrib Freddy Flintstone, Commissioner
    Scott Menville Freddy Flintstone
    Hamilton Camp Barney Rubble, Flab Slab
    Julie Dees Wilma Slaghoople, Micky, Mica, Tarpit Tommy
    Elizabeth Lyn Fraser Wilma Slaghoople
    B.J. Ward Betty Jean, Miss Rockbottom
    Mel Blanc Dino, Robert Rubble, Captain Caveman
    Henry Corden Ed Flintstone, Edna Flintstone
    Jean VanderPyl Mrs. Slaghoople
    Marilyn Schreffler Rocky Ratrock
    Susan Blu Dreamchip Gemstone, Granite Janet
    Bumper Robinson Philo Quartz
    Frank Welker Nate Slate, Stalagbite, Fang
    Rene Levant Officer Quartz
    Charles Adler Cavey Jr.
    Ken Mars Narrator

Episode List:

    1986-1987 Season

    The Great Freddini
    Fred decides that he'll audition his magic show for the school talent competition. However, his act does not go as smoothly as he thinks it will.

    Heroes For Hire
    Fred and Barney compete against each other by opening their own protection agencies.

    The Bad News Brontos
    Fred and the gang try to turn around the fortunes of their losing baseball team with a game against their fierce rivals.

    Dusty Disappears
    Fred and the gang are forced to take Barney's brother Dusty to the local carnival. However, they soon lose the precocious prankster in the melee.

    Poor Little Rich Girl
    Tha gang tries to give heiress Dreamchip Gemstone an exclusive birthday party. However, to sneak her out of the mansion, it has to negotiate her snooty butler.

    The Rock Concert That Rock Freddy (or Born in the U.S. Cave)
    Fred feels terrible when his ticket to see Bruce Springstone in concert turns out to be a fake.

    Curse of the Gemstone Diamond
    The gang's Halloween party turns sour when Dreamchip Gemstone's valuable diamond is stolen by a Fred lookalike.

    I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble as a Tree
    Fred takes Barney to the hospital for his flu shot.

    The Fugitives
    Fred and Barney believe that they're in trouble when Dino steals a valuable pillow from the Bedrock Museum.

    Freddy's Rocky Road to Karate
    Fred challenges bully Rocky Redrock to a karate fight when he destroys his Junior Water Buffalo clubhouse. However, Fred is hopeless until Tomako, a foreign exchange student, teaches him how to defend himself.

    Barney's Moving Experience
    Fred breaks his bike and takes a part-time job helping Barney's dad. However, Barney decides to leave Bedrock when he feels that Fred is a better son than he is.

    The Little Visitor
    Fred believes that his parents are going to have another baby.

    Grandpa For Loan
    Barney asks Fred's grandfather to help him compete in a race.

    Freddy's First Crush
    Fred falls in love with the new substitute teacher in school and becomes her willing assistant in the classroom.

    1987-1988 Season

    The Flintstone Fake Ache
    Fred pretends to be ill when he forgets to complete his school science project.

    Better Buddy Blues

    Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Betty
    Betty uses her cooking skills to start an ice cream business.

    Camper Scamper

    A Tiny Egg
    Wilma tries to nurse a rare speckled brontosaurus egg until it hatches. However, once hatched, it grows into a giant.

    Fred tries to save money for a new toy car by letting Barney cut his hair.

    Freddy the 13th
    Fred and Betty struggle to raise money to buy a Halloween costume, but their luck changes when they find two abandoned costumes worn by bank robbers.

    Little Rubble, Big Trouble
    Barney accidentally takes one of Philo's secret potions and becomes a mean bully.

    Philo's D-Feat

    Rocky's Rocky Road

Captain Caveman and Son:

    1986-1987 Season

    Freezy Does It
    Cavey tracks down a thief who wants to turn the city to ice.

    Invasion of the Mommy Snatchers
    Cavey investigates the mysterious disappearance of mother from Bedrock.

    The Ditto Master
    Cavey and son are asked to investigate a crook who can seemingly vanish into thin air.

    I Was a Teenage Grown-Up

    Grime and Punishment

    A Tale of Too Silly
    Cavey takes the case of a fiendish funnyman who has been stealing the city's eggs.

    To Baby or Not To Baby

    Day of the Villains
    All of the criminals in town scheme to get Captain Caveman and Cavey Junior to leave when no crimes are committed.

    Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Captain Caveman finds that he has a new rival superhero -- Perfect Man.

    Curse of the Reverse

    Captain Caveman's First Adventure

    Leave it To Mother
    Captain Caveman's mother pays a visit and starts to interfere with his work.

    Greed It and Weep
    Cavey tries to stop mean businessman Piggy McGrabbit from stealing the town's money.

    1987-1988 Season

    Captain Knaveman
    Cavey loses his memory and believes that he's a villain.

    Attack of the Fifty Foot Lizard

    The Cream-Pier Strikes Back

    Captain Caveman's Super Cold

    The Big Bedrock Bully Bash
    Cavey, Jr. is asked to teach Butch the bully a lesson.

    Captain Cavedog

Dino's Dilemmas:

    1986-1987 Season

    Yard Wars
    Dreamchip's Cur Wash
    Dressed Up Dino
    Fred's Mechanical Dog
    The Butcher Shoppe
    Dino Come Home
    The Vet
    The Dino Diet
    What Price Fleadom
    The Terror Within
    Revenge of the Bullied
    The Chocolate Chip Catastrophe
    Watchdog Blues
    Captain Cavepuppy

    1987-1988 Season

    Killer Kitty
    Who'd Falutin Who?
    Bone Voyage
    World War Flea
    A Midnite Pet Peeve
    The Birthday Shuffle

Flintstone Funnies:

    1986-1987 Season

    Bedrock P.I.'s
    Wilma hires junior detectives Fred and Barney to find her missing dinosaur.

    Princess Wilma

    Fred dreams that he has created a fearsome monster.

    Rubble Without A Cause
    A bang on the head causes Barney to dream about a space battle with Rocky.

    Indiana Flintstone
    Fred and Barney decide to explore the local museum for adventure.

    Freddy In the Big House

    Sugar and Spies

    Monster From the Tar Pits
    Fred shows his latest film -- the prehistoric story of King Kong -- to Bedrock.

    Betty's Big Break

    Dino Goes Hollyrock

    Bedrock 'N' Roll
    Fred and the gang try to raise money for charity by becoming pop stars.

    The Twilight Stone
    The gang dream what their lives will be in the future.

    Philo's Invention
    Rocky Ratrock forces Philo to build him a giant Stoneformer in return forhis friends' freedom.

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