The New Fred and Barney Show

30-minute Saturday morning series (1979)


    The New Fred and Barney Show debuted on February 3, 1979 and ran original episodes through November of the same year -- continuing the misadventures of Fred and Barney, though in a more juvenile fashion than the original series. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are again toddlers.

Featured Voices:

    Henry Corden Fred Flintstone
    Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
    Jean VanderPyl Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles Flintstone
    Gay Autterson Betty Rubble
    Don Messick Bamm-Bamm Rubble
    John Stephenson Mr. Slate

Episode Guide:

    Sand-Witch -February 3, 1979
    Fred and Barney end up with a broken wheel in the middle of a haunted forest while on their way home, and find the nearest house possible to call for help, unaware that the kindly old lady living there is a man-eating witch.

    Haunted Inheritance -February 10, 1979
    Fred learns that he is the beneficiary of the fortune of an aristocrat to whom he was kind when he was disguised as a quarry worker, but tension arises when he discovers that he isn't the only one and that the winner of the beneficiary competition gets it all.

    Roughin' It -February 17, 1979
    red believes that "modern" technology is making life too easy and boring, and attempts to live life like an "old-fashioned" caveman, even though he is out of practice.

    C.B. Buddies -February 24, 1979
    Problems arise when Fred and Barney buy and use their own CB radios. Not the least of which occurs when they install boosters,and their voices are heard all over town -- not just on the CB!

    Bedrock Rocks -March 3, 1979
    Fred and Barney try to get the Caveman, a popular rock group, to perform at Mr. Slate's party.

    Blood Brothers -March 10, 1979
    Fred and Barney save a couple from a car accident, who turn out to be a reformed Count Rockula and his new wife, "Poopsie". Though Fred and Barney are still terrified of him, Rockula places himself in their debt and does his best to befriend them and make them his "blood brothers".

    Barney's Chickens -March 17, 1979
    A magician brainwashes Fred into believing he is a giant chicken, and Barney accidentally repeats the same process with Fred and several others until he realises that his only option is to track down the magician.

    The Butler Did It and Did It Better -March 24, 1979
    Fred purchases a new robot butler, Rollo, and is initially satisfied until Rollo soon shows that he can do almost everything better than Fred.

    It's Not Their Bag -March 31, 1979
    While on a golf trip, Fred and Barney find a bag of stolen money from the Bank of Bedrock, and the boys find themselves the target of the robbers.

    Barney's Luck -April 7, 1979
    Fred thinks Barney is crazy to believe that a coin brings him luck, but has to change his tune after Barney starts to win prize after prize.

    Stoneage Werewolf -September 8, 1979
    The boys head for a late night fishing trip at Gravel Lake and end up stranded on the island during a storm --- with a werewolf.

    Fred and Barney Meet the Frankenstones -September 15, 1979
    Tired of having to take care of their houses and yards, Fred and Barney check out some new condorstoniums, the Deadrock Arms --- run by the creepy Frankenstones (in this first Frankenstones appearance, Frank Frankenstone has a moaning style voice, his wife is the vampiric Hidea, and their children are teenage daughter Atrocia and little son Freaky).

    Physical Fitness Fred -September 22, 1979
    Fred gets bit by the health bug and decides it's time to start working out.

    Moonlighters -September 29, 1979
    After their salaries get cut at the quarry, Fred and Barney try to find ways to suppliment their income by taking second jobs.

    Fred Goes to the Houndasaurs -October 6, 1979
    Wilma tries to hide her new pet houndasaur in the basement, while Fred mistakedly thinks it's food is a great new recipe to be marketed. After Fred discovers the truth, he ends up on a wild chase through Bedrock trying to get the houndasaur back to the pound.

    Dinosaur Country -October 20, 1979
    Fred and Barney win a contest which gives them tickets for a Safari trip.

    The Bad-Luck Genie -October 13, 1979
    While on a fishing trip, the boys catch a Genie in a bottle, but when the genie starts twisting and confusing their wishes, they try to find a way to get her back into her bottle.

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