Jabberjaw Theme

      They call him jabber-jabber-jabber-jabber-jabber-jabber-jabber-Jaw!
      The most futuristic shark you ever saw!
      I(he) can walk, and talk, and LOOK, I'm(he's) even BREATHIN' !
      He's so sharp the things he does are UNBELIEVIN' !
      I'm (he's) the latest greatest shark you ever saw,
      When his friends get in a jam, they just call on this big ham
      He's Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabberjaw, Jabberjaw,
      He's the finniest, funniest, shark you ever saw,
      He's Jabber-Jabbber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabber-Jabberjaw!
      Jabber: I don't get no respect!!

      Thanks to David Clark

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