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29. Isn't there a Flinstones Bedrock City park somewhere in the United States?

    Flintstones Bedrock City; Custer, South Dakota: At the intersection of U.S. 16 and 385. "Adventures with the modern stone-age family: Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, Bamm Bamm and Dino. Village tour, train ride; concessions (even a drive-in serving brontoburgers). Campground. (mid-May to mid-September, daily)"

    Cassie In early August of 1996, Cassie and her husband Paul were able to visit Bedrock City and meet the owner, Joe Speckles. Cassie relates some information on the park:

    "Both Paul and I were impressed. You can walk around 'Bedrock' and look into several of the inhabitants 'houses'. There are many photo opportunities, especially Mt. Rockmore! The first thing we did was take the train ride around the park. This gave you a good view of everything, including the campground. There is a big play area for children and you can even have a ride in a 'Flintmobile'! A must stop is the drive-in where you can order a Brontoburger. Also, don't miss the gift shop! It is packed full of Flintstones merchandise like: books, t-shirts, shorts. cups, childrens dinnerware, jewelry, wind-up toys, stickers, etc."

  • Official website for Flintstones Bedrock City of Custer, SD

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