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30. Are any Flintstones episodes available to purchase?

    In 2004, Warner Home Video unveiled its Hanna-Barbera Collection, featuring DVD box sets of classic Hanna-Barbera series. The Flintstones - Season 1 presents all 28 prime-time episodes that aired in the 1960-61 season plus features terrific (Pre)Historic DVD Extras, including two featurettes, early TV promo spots, and the original pilot episode "The Flagstones". And although this release of episodes is indeed colorized as we've become so accustomed to, WB has restored the original opening and closing credits and music as well as portions of the original laughtrack.

    Sporting a running time of 737 minutes, Warner provides us with English, French, and Spanish soundtracks so we can listen to Fred bellow in a variety of languages. His shouts for Wilma are heard in Mono, though, as it was originally broadcast. And, although the menu formats to widescreen on a wide TV, you'll be pleased to know that Warner hasn't stoned the original picture format of the actual cartoon: it's still 4x3, as always. Subtitles are also present in this collection for all three languages, plus close-captioning for the hearing impaired.

    In addition to the first season, the entire series is now available along with The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, and most of the prime-time specials can be ordered manufacture-on-demand. Visit our Webrock DVD Store for more details! These DVD releases are region-specific, so be sure you purchase discs that will play in DVD players in your part of the world.

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