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  1. When Fred bought the hot piano for Wilma's birthday, who did the police mistake him for?

  2. What song did Fred and Barney sing with the scouts at the Cave Scout Jamboree?

  3. In the episode where Fred wins an appearance on the Larry Lava show, what was his sole line of dialogue supposed to be?

  4. What is the original population of Bedrock -- as shown in the opening credits from the first season?

  5. In the episode where Goggles Pizano (a.k.a. Fred) was in the Indianapolisrock 500, what product did he and Barney advertise at the end of the race?

  6. In the episode where Fred sings with Hotlips Hannigan, what song does he sing and what nickname did Hotlips call him?

  7. At which store did Barney buy Betty's 'Engagement' ring?

  8. In which episode did Wilma wear shoes?

  9. Which character is seen in each episode wearing shoes?

  10. What is the movie playing in the opening credits as Fred drives by the theater?

  11. How many nights is the movie playing for?

  12. Fred had a short lived rock and roll career after a record he made in a do it yourself booth fell into the hands of some record producers. What name did Fred go by? What song did he sing?

  13. Who sang the song 'I Love My Vilma'?

  14. Before finding a job with Fred's company, what rival outfit did Barney work for?

  15. What was the name of Wilma's homemade pie that made a hit at Fred's quarry and started a pie-making business at home?

  16. What was Betty's maiden name?

  17. Do you know the names of Fred's four dino-cranes at the quarry?

  18. What wss the name of the Flintstones often unseen cat?

  19. What were Pebbles first sounds?

  20. What kind of dinosaur was Dino?

  21. What were Dino's favorite foods?

  22. In 1960-1961, The Flintstones aired on ABC at 8:30pm on Fridays. What show followed them at 9pm?

  23. Alan Reed and Mel Blanc each made an appearance on which '60's sitcom?

  24. During the 5th season (1964-65) The Flintstones aired on ABC at 7:30pm on Thursdays. What scary CBS show that influenced the creation of the Gruesomes fought The Flintstones for that timeslot?

  25. In I Yabba Dabba Do! where Pebbles and Bamm Bamm get married, what object did Fred pawn in hopes of paying for their wedding?

  26. What was the name of the cake that Wilma and Betty entered into the Tasty Pastry Contest? What kept them from going to the bake-off? Also, what flour did Fred and Barney use to make the cake while impersonating Betty and Wilma?

  27. What song did the Flintstone Canaries sing in the "Hum along with Herman Contest" auditions?

  28. What is Fred's bowling nickname?

  29. Fred's uncle from Texas was seen in an earlier episode where he was the interested buyer of Barney's house. What was his character's name before we came to know him as Uncle Tex?

  30. When the Flintstones, the Rubbles, and the Gruesomes tried to get rid of the Hatrocks they sang "Bug Music" -- What were the lyrics to the song?

  31. What is the longest running prime time cartoon show?

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